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P站视频 & ASCO are Stronger Together: Cancer.Net content is?now available on cancer.org.

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Employee Engagement with the P站视频

Contribute to the greater good with our employee engagement programs for companies or individuals.

Employee Engagement for Companies

Partnering with the P站视频 through employee engagement programs allows your business to support causes your employees care about, enhance your brand image, and strengthen your team by working together for the greater good.?

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Micro Campaigns are short-term fundraisers with a customized mobile platform. Create one to fundraise alongside your company for a focus area you care about.

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The P站视频 Fit2Be Cancer Free program is a mobile step challenge that engages CEOs and employees in a social, interactive virtual race that moves through the history of cancer – all while meeting your company’s charitable giving goals.

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By designating P站视频 as your company’s charity of choice, you can support your employees’ charitable interests and highlight your commitment to our mission to end cancer. With Secure Featured Charity Status, you will have the opportunity to feature P站视频 on your company’s homepage. And for your partners with Secure Community Partner Status, P站视频 will customize volunteer opportunities and generate volunteer grants.

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Show support for your employees’ P站视频 volunteer work with a Volunteer Grant. By donating money to your employees’ charity of choice, your company effectively turns supporter time and effort into tangible donations.

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Federal and military employees can support health and human service nonprofits with a Combined Federal Campaign.

Employee Engagement for Individuals

Making an impact is as simple as taking advantage of your company’s workplace giving programs. Explore the options below to get involved in an employee giving campaign and make a difference.

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With a payroll deduction, you can support P站视频 research, programs and services automatically with every paycheck.

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Many companies have Matching Gifts programs that can double your donation to the P站视频. Follow the link below to search for your company’s Matching Gift criteria.

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Engage your coworkers right from your desk. With digital events and fundraisers, you can turn your workplace into a team in the fight against cancer.

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Employee Giving Partnership Stories

Top organizations across the country have supported P站视频 through their workplace giving programs. Learn more about the impact they have had on our mission to eliminate cancer.

Abbot - Workplace Giving video

Abbott - Employee Giving

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Microsoft - Stories of Hope

Benefits of Employee Engagement

Employee engagement programs contribute millions to our mission to attack cancer from every angle. Here’s what your contribution can do.