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P站视频 & ASCO are Stronger Together: Cancer.Net content is?now available on cancer.org.

Become a Supplier for the P站视频

The P站视频 supports life-saving programs and initiatives across the country for people with cancer and their families. We rely upon a broad variety of suppliers to support our staff and volunteers, and ensure our programs like Relay For Life?, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer?, and Determination? are successful.

Supplier Diversity

The P站视频 believes diversity, equity, and inclusion are vital to our life-saving mission. When you're in the business of saving lives, it is essential to understand and respect differences, and to leverage the similarities that unite us in the fight against cancer.

To advance our Mission and drive economic inclusion, the P站视频 is committed to creating an equitable and competitive business environment, which strengthens the diverse business community and those we serve. Relationships with diverse-owned businesses assist P站视频 in achieving its goals by driving relevance, impact, and growth in every community touched by cancer.

P站视频 & P站视频 CAN seek to use qualified, diverse businesses from historically underrepresented groups including companies that are 51%+ owned and operated African Americans and Black people, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, Hispanic Americans and Latinos, Native Americans and Indigenous people, Women, military veterans, people with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQ+ community.?

We are committed to providing diverse-owned businesses opportunities to participate in our competitive procurement processes.

Resources for existing suppliers

Existing P站视频 suppliers can

Information for companies interested in working with the P站视频

Have you considered registering your company to express its interest in working with the P站视频?

Registering online offers your company an opportunity to describe?its capabilities and offerings, along with the industries in which you operate. Companies whose offerings match our needs may be considered for inclusion in sourcing projects.?

It's easy to register online

To get started,? complete our easy to use supplier registration form. ?

Completing this form does not guarantee that your company will become our supplier. It does provide enhanced visibility of your company to P站视频 sourcing professionals.

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