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How We're Providing Support

We’re here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help guide you through your cancer experience. Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed, are currently going through treatment, or are caring for a loved one with cancer, we’re here with information, day-to-day help, and emotional support every step of the way. From free lodging and transportation to help making decisions about your care, we offer programs, services, and resources in our?Find Support and Treatment?section to help you on your journey.

Cancer information services

Giving you accurate, up-to-date information on cancer is one of our top priorities. You can find plenty of information here on the site, but if you still have questions, you can call our 24-7 helpline or check out some of our more in-depth publications.

Cancer information, answers, and hope.
Available every minute of every day.

Whether it’s the middle of the afternoon or the middle of the night, our cancer information specialists are here to help. Have questions about treatment options or potential side effects? We have you covered. Need a ride to chemo or a place to stay when treatment is far away? We can help. Even if you just need a friendly ear, we’re here to help and can assist in more than 200 languages (via a language line) – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Get information

Cancer Information Specialists are available 24/7 to answer your questions about:

  • ?Specific cancers
  • Treatment options
  • Side effects
  • Coping with cancer
  • Medicines
  • Pain control
  • Clinical trials
  • Prevention
  • Screening
  • Quitting tobacco

Locate resources

There are many national resources available to cancer patients. We can refer you to:


We publish a large number of patient education brochures and pamphlets, books, and professional journals to help patients, families, and healthcare professionals. These include books on specific cancer types, coping issues, and prevention; cookbooks; textbooks; and other publications specifically for health care professionals. Three clinical journals (Cancer, Cancer Cytopathology, and CA-A Cancer Journal for Clinicians) are also available. For more information, call 1-800-227-2345 or visit our?online bookstore.

Community programs & services

We offer programs and services to help the more than 1.4 million cancer patients diagnosed each year in this country, and the 14 million cancer survivors – as well as their family and friends. We provide information, day-to-day help, and emotional support. And best of all, our help is free.

Day-to-day help and support

Rides to treatment:?Sometimes getting to cancer treatment is a challenge. If you need a ride to treatment, we may be able to help.

Lodging:?If your cancer treatment is far from home and you need a place to stay, the P站视频 may be able to help.

Hair loss and mastectomy products:?Some women use wigs, hats, breast forms, and bras to help cope with the effects of treatment. Our “tlc” Tender Loving Care??catalog offers these products, as well as helpful articles.

Breast cancer support:?Women with breast cancer can talk with a trained Reach To Recovery??volunteer who is a breast cancer survivor.

:?You can share experiences, practical tips, and hope through the P站视频 Cancer Survivors Network?. This is a free online community created by and for people with cancer and their families.

To learn more about our programs and services, please visit our?Find Support and Treatment?section.

Our 24/7 cancer helpline is made possible thanks to generous supporters like you.

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