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Long-term Health Concerns for Cancer Survivors

Once treatment is over, people who have had cancer often want to know what they can do to stay healthy. It's important to realize that people who have had cancer in the past can still have other health problems. Some may even develop other cancers. Learn about the things you can do to help yourself stay healthy once your cancer treatment is completed.

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Managing Your Health Care

Even after you finish treatment, you'll still see your cancer care team for follow-ups. You’ll also need routine check-ups and health screenings. Learn how to manage your health care after you've had cancer, what records to keep, and what expert groups recommend for survivorship care.

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Late and Long-term Effects of Cancer Treatment

People who have finished treatment for cancer might be at risk for long-term or late effects from the cancer or its treatment.? It’s important to discuss these possible effects with your medical team.

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Cancer Concerns

Cancer isn’t always a one-time event.? Sometimes, it never completely goes away, or it might come back (recur) after treatment. Cancer survivors can also get a second cancer later that's different from the first. Learn about managing cancer as a chronic condition, dealing with recurrences or second cancers, and coping with uncertainty.

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Other Health Concerns

As a cancer survivor, you might have questions or concerns about how your diagnosis and treatment affects your health and the choices you make. Learn more here.